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Data entry

Data entry

We enter data into databases quickly, accurately and in a form ready for further analyses. We do not share data entrusted to us with anyone. We carry out a categorization of open questions, we introduce data in both numerical form, as well as words and speech (transcription from digital recordings).

Entering data into the database stands for a tedious and extremely boring occupation. Data entry requires focus and concentration, which can be mentally exhausting and physically challenging. This makes a great opportunity for data entry errors to emergence. Mistakes made at this stage may result in serious consequences in the analysis phase and further interpretation.

Accuracy – It is best to entrust this task to professionals. You save precious time, keep your nerves as well as get rid of fear of mistakes occurrence. We use a number of analytical methods which help us in detecting any possible errors during data entry.

Customized client solutions – We offer professional assistance in entering data from surveys or other research materials, such as notebooks, databases records. We enter data from both hard (paper) copies and electronic versions. We also offer our assistance with entering data which are not only quantitative (numbers, responses) but also qualitative (text). Additionally, you may order qualitative data categorization (response categories assignments for the text applied),that undoubtedly will help you speed up the process of analyzing the results. We also offer a service of conversations and interviews recording - transcription. We construct various databases which are prepared for any further statistical analyses.

Experience - We have years’ experience in data entry and databases design for analyses purposes, which makes us know which elements need special attention.

Security – we run a registered company which legally guarantees you that any data provided by you will not be transferred to third parties. We do not publish any of your information and we do not use it for our own purposes. This is your property and we cannot use it whatsoever. All materials in hard (paper) copies are sent back to our clients with all safety precautions necessary (appropriate shipping means).

Competitive price - The price depends on the number of surveys and questionnaires, including the amount of positions in surveys and the type of questions posed (open, closed, single or multiple choice questions). To quote a price of your data entry we request for a submission of survey, questionnaire model with the number of people surveyed.

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