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kontakt z pomocstatystyczna

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You will simply receive what you expect. We assure full control over what is prepared for you. Detailed work plan and delivery time are set together with the client. After project finishing, we explain all the doubts and uncertainties related to the work even after a few months of its implementation.

The actual order realization (work that you pay for) starts when you confirm the agreed conditions i.e. timing and work cost. No sooner! In order to avoid any misunderstanding, at the very beginning we set the scope of analysis, deadline and price. Only when you accept these conditions, we proceed with the order.

We consider confidentiality and the anonymity of our customers as top priority. We do not disclose any information (names or email addresses of our customers) to third parties. All data and materials we receive are of your property – we do not share these with anyone.

Customer’s guide:

  1. Contact us by e-mail.
  2. Send us a description of your problem, research, task.
  3. Usually within 24h you will receive our proposal of solution, work plan or a description of what you will receive from us and in what time and for how much.
  4. You accept the agreed terms and conditions or together we put amendment to the work frame.
  5. We perform the work - 48h is a minimum for us (depending on the amount of necessary work).
  6. After work finishing, we sent a complete report to you by e-mail.
  7. If necessary, we give explanations and clarify incomprehensible parts of the report, even after a few months of its implementation.
  8. Any possible amendments resulting from our mistakes are implemented usually within 48h.
  9. Any further analyzes are performed at lower price – we value our loyal customers.
  10. We serve with our knowledge and experience in further consultation on the executed work (in case of individual client: by conversations with supervisor, reviewer, scientific journal, in case of business client: in determining further actions of the company basing on the results).