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About us For more than 7 years we have been performing statistical analyzes for students, universities (in Poland and abroad), institutions and companies. We have extensive experience in designing quantitative research, data analysis, and results presentation.

Thesis You allocate a great amount of time, hard work and sometimes financial resources in your research for thesis or research paper. It results in a statistical analysis of the collected data. Our professional approach will make your efforts are not in vain, so get the most out of your data and act faster.

Solutions for Business Thanks to our knowledge and experience, you receive an insightful interpretation of the collected data and professional assistance throughout project accomplishment and even after. We employ a variety of advanced analytical instruments to determine the key conclusions from the collected data.

Contact / How it works You will simply receive what you expect. We assure full control over what is prepared for you. Detailed work plan and delivery time are set together with the client. After project finishing, we explain all the doubts and uncertainties related to the work even after a few months of its implementation.

See what our costomers are saying pomocstatystyczna I needed statistical calculations for dissertation. After I have sent the data, only within a few days, I received calculations with professional commentaryat an affordable price. I highly recommend service

Łukasz pomocstatystyczna Analyzes were verified by specialists in London and rated very favorably.

Ghelamco Poland Sp. z o.o. pomocstatystyczna The job was done fairly and very quickly, faster than contract anticipated period.The presented report was of a very high level in terms of content and aesthetic.

Kasia pomocstatystyczna Our cooperation was at a high level, fast and competent consultation, excellent knowledge of the subject. To put it in one word, work was prepared professionally according to my requirements.

Mateusz pomocstatystyczna I highly recommend "". Fine and competent service, excellent contact during consultation before and throughout performance analysis; last-but-not-least: the service was made in a timely manner and at an affordable price.

Warsztaty rozwoju osobistego pomocstatystyczna The end result was absolutely satisfactory and enabled me completing my research work without stress and doubt that analysis could contain any errors or shortcomings.

2R Consulting Sp.J. pomocstatystyczna team has already several times prepared reports for our company. Advanced statistical analyzes have been performed fairly and in accordance with our projects’ needs.